Results - General Questions

How can I evaluate the match quality?

Individual entity scores are classified as high, medium or low. This classification is indicated by the color of the score bar (dark green, light green or beige, respectively).  The distribution of the scores can be viewed by clicking on the pie icon.

  • In the tissues & cells and the diseases sections, the classification of the matching scores is based upon an empirical examination of many test cases, and is different for each query size.
  • In the pathways, GO terms and compounds sections, the score is a transformation of the binomial distribution p-value and the score range is divided into three quality levels, according to the p-value they are derived from (after correction for multiple comparisons), as following:
  • High: corrected p-value smaller or equal to 0.05.
  • Medium: corrected p-value higher than 0.05 but smaller or equal to 1.
  • Low: corrected p-value higher than 1.

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