The analysis of a gene set – pathway relationships using GeneAnalytics leverages the information available in PathCards, the biological pathways database. PathCards applies a gene-content algorithm enabling unification of thousands of pathways from multiple pathway sources available in GeneCards (see PathCards statistics), and clusters them into SuperPaths. Each SuperPath is presented in a web-card, which contains a graphical representation of the pathway network, links to relevant pathway sources, an aggregated gene list and a gene interaction network illustration.

As such, by leveraging PathCards, GeneAnalytics constitutes a powerful and user-friendly tool for exploring and discovering gene interactions within biological pathways. GeneAnalytics accurately matches query genes sets to pathways and offers interlinks to related PathCards, where all the relevant pathway information is presented.

To enhance understanding of the pathway modeling, both the SuperPath and its constituent pathways are shown in the match results, with a direct link to the pathway webpage in the original database.  In addition, the results can be filtered to only show matches from pathway data sources of interest.

Identifying pathways related to your gene set can help you define the roles of specific genes within each pathway and can shed light on their interactions and mechanisms of action.

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