"I like GeneAnalytics for its immediate insight into tissue- and cell-specificity of a list of genes, and for the diseases, summarized by anatomical categories, and drugs associated with the genes in the list. This is in addition to standard gene ontology- and pathway enrichment analyses, nicely summarized. But what’s non-standard is the convenience and accessibility of further information about specific terms, backed up by the excellent knowledge base of GeneCards, MalaCards, PathCards, etc. The interface definitely helps to understand the biology faster and deeper".

Mikhail G. Dozmorov, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics

Scientific Director, Bioinformatic Section, TRI Core

Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond Academy of Medicine

Richmond, VA USA

"I find GeneAnalytics a powerful tool that is extremely helpful in analyzing next generation sequencing data as it allows the fast and efficient analysis of gene sets by integrating data from a number of important databases (GeneCards, MalaCards, LifeMap etc.) onto a single platform providing information right from gene function to tissue and cell specific expression, developmental time points, molecular and biochemical pathways and disease associations. In addition, the pathway enrichment analysis provides quick, yet informative insight into to the interesting pathways in gene sets. The tool automates a major part of the manual effort of searching and compiling information, making the entire process more time efficient. The incorporation of features specific to NGS data analysis such as gene disease associations, causative variations, etc. and MGI phenotype data will take the tool one notch higher than it already is."

Nikhita Bolar, Ph.D. student

Centre for Medical genetics


Edegem, Belgium

"GeneAnalytics provides complete information about genes of interest as well as precise analysis of how these genes are connected to different tissues, diseases, function and drugs. The interface is very user friendly, making it easy to understand analysis results in depth by providing access to information about specific biological terms thru GeneCards, MalaCards, LifeMap Discovery and PathCards, powerful knowledgebases on which it is based.“

Evgeny Arons, Ph.D.

National Institute of Health

National Cancer Institute

Bethesda, MD USA

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